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  • responsive, landing, zurb
  • layouot, photo compositing, pre-press
  • layouot, photo compositing, pre-press
  • final logo with embelishments
  • Photoshop, HTML, inline CSS
  • hand-painted type
  • Farmer Sam Illustration


    • Job: Responsive landing page
    • Date: February 2014
    • Role: Coding within Zurb Foundation CSS framework. The job had a very limited budget and timeframe but responsivness of mandatory information was imperitive to the business.
    • Job: ReUseIt Bind–In
    • Date: November 2012
    • Role: Designed a co–branded print collateral piece. This was one of two bind–ins used to announce the ReUseIt rebrand to a different audience. The following spring this appeared as ReUseIt officially became part of a new family of brands.
    • Job: Farm Bureau Brochure
    • Date: August 2010
    • Role: Designed a personalized brochure for Farm Bureau that illustrates saving Virginia farmland.
    • Job: Final Integrity Vinyl Graphic logo design with background and shadow embellishments
    • Date: October 2011
    • Role: Designed a new identity for vinyl graphics company
    • Job: Crutchfield custom email templates
    • Date: March 2008 – June 2008
    • Role: Concepted, designed and coded custom, personalized marketing email templates for audiophiles’ favorite electronics retailer.
    • Job: Anthropologie display windows
    • Date: September 2009
    • Role: Executed hand-painted type for the inaugural front window display of the new local boutique.
    • Job: Virginia Farm Bureau illustration
    • Date: Janurary 2009
    • Role: Farmer Sam illustration concept for "Agriculture in the Classroom"